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We are the world’s memo. A kind reminder that we have to take care of OUR home. A small group of ordinary people who want to contribute to the wellbeing of this world. Simple as that.

What do we do?

- We promote climate solutions for corporations that address the needs of both people and nature.

- We expose climate change problems and threats to the environment.

- We show you how to get involved easily & quickly --> climate change petitions.

- We amplify the voices of those who do something for a greener future.

What do we want?

To have a positive impact on this planet and to bring a fresh boost for the fight against global warming. The only way we’ll be strong enough is trough teamwork. Because teamwork is also the key to success at your job, right? The climate crisis is on an upward swing so we need to be bold in order to build a better world and we must embrace new and effective solutions.

Don’t forget to make the earth your 9 to 5!